Definition: Magazine;A term used for a place where large quantities of
ammunition are stored for later distribution. The less common usage is an ammunition dump.


THE MAGAZINE is Combat Edge Tactical's comprehensive library of products and services we have designed and developed, plus provide or have experienced from other brand name companies. We are proud to conduct Research and Development / Testing and Evaluation on many of these items from the very conception or pre-market delivery.


Philippines Operational Expansion

COMBAT EDGE TACTICAL expands its Consulting, Design and Development Solutions in the Philippines. Many opportunities have unfolded over 2016, that has brought us to the land of 7100 Islands. Consulting at many levels, CET has registered as an official CONSULTING firm in the Philippines and we are moving towards a 10 year Operational Plan to improve the Tactical and Emergency Management landscape of the country.


CHOWLINE: Mami Noras

A cuisine that will melt your heart away like the meat melts right off their Peruvian chicken rotisserie bones. Mami Nora's restaurant located in Raleigh, North Carolina, owned by Celina Mentore, is recognized for it's unforgettable rotisserie chicken, cooked in a special marinade, then roasted in an imported oven straight from Peru. This oven uses only wood charcoal, gas or electricity is not needed. Mami Nora's is known for using local free range chicken that are hormone and FDA allergen free.


SEMINAR: The Art of Disarming Anything

Disarming is more than just taking a weapon from a bad guy. It's the mindset of disarming an assailant before he can do anything and disarming an assailant while he is trying to harm you. There were simple and complex sets of techniques, that are coupled by situational awareness each and every warrior on deck practiced. drilled and rehearsed.

Vimeo: WTF? Warrior Tactical Females

WHAT THE...That's right, are you surprised? Warrior Tactical Fitness is a unique brand straight out of the GET THE EDGE Programs. What's a WTF? Anyone dedicated to developing themselves into strong individuals for our communities through safety consideration practices, self-defense applications, tactical training, exercise & strength conditioning.