Definition: Magazine;A term used for a place where large quantities of
ammunition are stored for later distribution. The less common usage is an ammunition dump.


THE MAGAZINE is a comprehensive library of products and services we provide or have experienced from other brand name companies. We are proud to conduct Research and Development / Testing and Evaluation on many of these items from the very conception or pre-market delivery.


SEMINAR: The Art of Disarming Anything

Get The Edge with CET Seminars... and all the attendees got just that. This seminar was conducted at a private property of one of our teaming partners. Off the edge of one of the most beautiful secluded locations in Virginia Beach, Combat Edge Tactical's Chief Instructor BRAVO amazed everyone with simplistic yet effective disarms that engage would-be attackers, instantaneously.. The Saturday morning air was filled with a aura of "no-frills" approach to the CET strategy on disarming edged weapons, impact weapons, handguns and rifle at close range.
As exciting as it sounds. This marked the second to last seminar for 2015. CET guests arrived from all over the eastern seaboard of the United States. Training sessions of the CET Group are closed door and are not open to the public. It was exciting to see so many people interested in learning what BRAVO and his team define as DISARMING. Disarming is more than just taking a weapon from a bad guy. It's the mindset of disarming an assailant before he can do anything and disarming an assailant while he is trying to harm you. There were simple and complex sets of techniques, that are coupled by situational awareness each and every warrior on deck preacticed. drilled and rehearsed.